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CV Analysis

Transform your recruitment process with our AI-powered CV analysis solution and efficiently identify the best candidates while saving time and resources.

Natural Language Data Quality

Transform your data quality management with a collaborative PowerApp for efficient rule application, improved accuracy, enhanced collaboration, and reduced risk.

SmartInvoice Categorizer: AI-Powered Classification

Optimize your invoice item classification process and elevate your financial management capabilities, maximizing operational efficiency and improving the user experience.

AI Data quality framework

Reduce costs and gain data independence with our comprehensive quality assurance evaluation and governance solution.

Advanced Document Management

Transform your document management to save time and money, digitizing physical documents, automating document classification and implementing powerful search capabilities.

Document Anonymization

Keep your documents secure and compliant by anonymizing sensitive entities. Safeguard your confidential information and comply with regulations.

SpeakQL: Streamlined Data Retrieval & Insights

Unlock valuable insights with our AI-powered tool. No SQL knowledge needed - natural language queries streamline data analysis for easy decision-making.

Advanced customer contact

Diminish the contact center's workload and elevate its performance quality through the use of GPT language processing

Translator and Corrector

Translate and expand your audience, saving costs and increasing revenue potential.

Incident Resolution Contact Mailbox

Revolutionize your customer experience with automated email analysis and monitoring.

Health - Machine Related Data Analytics

Revolutionize healthcare insights with our analytics - Better understand nuclear medicine data, consolidate machine-related information, and filter out outliers for accuracy.

Financial portfolio analysis

Optimize investment portfolios and anticipate market trends with data-driven insights.

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