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CRM Dashboards

The need:

The project aimed to meet the needs of Sales & Marketing analysis with a preponderance of the following objectives:

  • Strategy: Measure and analyze market data to measure the performance of the products.

  • Sales planning: Validate global sales initiatives while defining a sales plan and associated objectives.

  • Management: Enable market directors and managers to monitor the performance of their sales teams.

  • Individual KPI: Allow each salesperson to have a cross-view view of their individual KPIs.

The solution:

For 12’000 direct end-users we provided Power BI Datasets and Dashboards

  • The solution is spread over several markets and refreshed according to the time zone

  • Over 26 datasets, 250 measurements were produced

  • The solution ingests data from +125 tables

  • Corporate models are enriched locally by fully autonomous markets

  • Corporate reports and Dashboards were produced to serve the need

  • An internal Power BI community was created

  • An internal training catalogincluding templates, roles, responsibilities, and best practices was provided.

The ROI:

  • Management now has a much better operational follow-up.

  • Adoption: ~2350 distinct users consult this solution daily, 200 analysts (Worldwide) already produce new analyses.

  • End users have now access to terabytes of unified and centralized data.

  • This project has triggered new needs (data-driven apps, AI, …)

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