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Digital Marketing Dashboards

The need:

Today Digital Marketing has become a very important way to engage new customers and to expand the business of a company. The expenses on this kind of marketing campaign are growing very fast in big companies due to the rentability of these investments. But what is the revenue of these campaigns? It is better to spend more on Tik Tok or on Facebook? How is affecting these investments to the sell-out of the company? Are we engaging new customers with these campaigns? These are an example of the questions we can solve with the solution we propose.

The solution:

  • Set of executive dashboards based on the social media data and the performance of the campaigns.

  • Analyzing KPI’s such as the target users (age, gender, location), how much it costs to get a new user on your webpage, how affects more followers to the website traffic, how an increase in Digital Marketing affects the sell-out, etc.

The ROI:

  • Thanks to these dashboards and KPI’s it will be possible to optimize the return of our investments in Digital Marketing.

  • Getting better results and optimizing better the investments it is possible to increase the value of each euro dedicated to digital marketing.

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