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F&O Data Platform & Analytics

The need:

The project aimed to meet the needs of the Finance & Operations Department to create a data platform consolidating information from 26 markets.

  • Strategy: Measure the company's financial and operational performance across multiple markets.

  • Budget planning:  Consolidate the budgets of the company's various international subsidiaries.

  • Financial analysis: Revenues and costs management and monitoring

  • International project: Enable multi-currency and automatic rate conversion

The solution:

For 1’000 direct end-users presents in 26 markets and generating we provided an end-to-end data platform

  • The solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O
    and uses Microsoft CDM features

  • Extraction processes operate in near real-time

  • The solution is based on Azure (Synapse Studio, Data lake gen2) and Power BI Premium platforms

The ROI:

  • Management now has better strategical and financial monitoring

  • Adoption: 50 analysts already produce daily analyses for 1’000 end-users and/or management.

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