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Financial performance, P&L

Icone_Need Glow.png

The need

Measure financial and operational real time performance across multiple markets/ departments/ products. 

Monitor and manage revenues and costs.

Address a problem or an opportunity quickly.

Obtain the right insight in real time across multiple entities (e.g., markets/ departments).

Icone_Solution Glow.png

The solution

Process to track and extract P&L item series from current ERP.

Cataloguing accounts under items according to desired structure.

Display on dashboard overview with analysis axis for date, company and scenarios.

Visualizations serving P&L item description, funnels and gauges on objective fulfilment.

Icone_ROI Glow.png


Visibility of status of P&L items.

Monitoring of attainability of set objectives/forecasts for items.

Better control on expenses and margins.

Possible expansion to collection monitoring and scenario definition tools.


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