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Power BI Enterprise Pack

The need:

Many companies want to implement a Power BI Platformgiven its position as a leader. The choice of these new implementations often involves new challenges :

  • Avoiding siloing and redundancy of data by business/market

  • Define a governance system that allows the autonomy of the organization's entities

  • Ensure that the solution allows for good information dissemination and sharing

The solution:

For 6 of our clients, we have set up a Power BI enterprise pack:

  • Workspace and dataset governance

  • Security management & control

  • Release and lifecycle management

  • Power BI tenant and gateway administration

  • Best practices documentation

  • Power BI UX guidelines and theme creation

  • Change management, training, support, and community creation

The ROI:

  • Scalableplatform

  • Maintain control at the organizational level

  • Guarantees the autonomy of the markets/businessdepartments.

  • Empower end-users

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