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SmartCity IoT Dashboards

The need:

  • The customer receives a multitude of requests from municipalities to access data provided through reports, especially for a unit called SmartCity.

  • These reports must also respond to a request from citizens:

  • Is there any work going on in my street?

  • Can we access the charging stations?

  • Etc....

These challenges are at the heart of the company's digital transformation strategy, which is particularly interested in visualizing data from connected objects (IoT) in order to offer a new type of service to its partners: companies, individuals,and institutions.

The solution:

  • Create a Dashboarding application

  • Combining quantitative metrics from sensors and GIS (Geographic Information System) layers to represent the different connected cities and the services/information available

  • Use of Power BI and ArcGIS tools (Esri)

The ROI:

Offer real time industrial indicators to the municipalities and the different companies in the region.

The geographical dimension has also made it possible to visualise these indicators (work, luminosity, energy, etc.) in a simple and effective way.

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