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Speech to text

The need:

Each day, hours of audio are produced in Call Centers, analyze this information and extracting insights is the only way to improve the user experience and detect recurrent issues. The different topics to analyze are practically unlimited and, depending on your business, you can adapt the solution to your needs: detect when someone mentions a product, call sentiment, issue categorization, etc. Furthermore, creating a search tool to make a better analysis of all this information is something that represents a competitive advantage in user experience and a new way to monitor call centers.

The solution:

  • Transcript all conversations on your current systems

  • Detect entities in conversations: products, companies, locations, dates

  • Topic Analysis: know what your customer is talking about

  • Sentiment: Analyze the sentiment of both agent an

  • Call scoring: based on your standards

The ROI:

  • Get information about what your customers ask

  • Ensure the quality of the call center

  • Perform analytics over topics, entities,and the sentiment of your customers.

  • Make complex queries over data and metadata from past calls

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