Telephony data mart & analytics

The need:

Many companies have call centers to establish a relationship with the customer. These calls can be made for prospecting, relationship management and follow-up or support.

The quality of the treatment of a call as well as the management of its handling is a strategic subject for many companies because it has an impact on :

  • Customer satisfaction and confidence

  • The image of the company

The solution:

For 2 of our clients, we have set up a telephony data mart based on Microsoft Link Data covering the following KPIs

  • Number of calls

  • Number of lost calls

  • Rate of answered calls

  • Transfer rate

  • Rate of answered calls after transfer

  • Calls answered in less than 20s

  • Calls in and out of business hours

  • Technical problems

The ROI:

  • New way to measure agency performance

  • Significant impact on the transformation of the company